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Это музыкальный клип, который сделали юные сотрудники лаборатории Ruben Portugues ко дню рожденья своего шефа. Они изучают мозг маленьких рыбок Danio rerio.
d.p.f. - days post fertilization
Автор слов и один из исполнителей - Даниил Марков, клип - Михаил Марков (который специально для этого приехал к ним в Мюнхен из своего Ганновера). Шедевр, я считаю :) 

Single chords

I’m a little fish
In a little dish
Cannot get away,
Stuck in Agarose

Normal strumming

I’m just watching bars,
Flashes, and other sparks,
Might swim occasionally
If I weren’t paralyzed.

I can see the first bar coming
I’m thinking if I should swim
Maybe wait just a little longer,
Start only when it’s light, and then dim

Interlude (F G)

I am swimming and then waiting
For the bars to come back.
For some reason they are lagging
What should I do - should I adapt?


I’m in the dish for a little while,
Not sure what these flashes mean.
Sometimes I get a little shock,
Tell me what to consolidate.

Interlude (F G)

I’m only seven d p f,
But I can do a lot of stuff!
I can show off in that cinema,
C’mon guys, interpret that!

My behavior needs nice interpretation
F G (single chord)
Or you’ll never get that Nature publication.

Alternative chorus

I’m a little fish in a big big TIFF,
Just waiting to be analyzed.
It’s a big big file, loading takes a while,
But you’re close - soon I’ll be visualized

Little fish fade out
Single chords

I’m a little fish
In a little dish
Cannot get away,
C G Am
Stuck in Agarose

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